• Parameters

    • accessToken: string | (() => Promise<string>)
    • basePath: string = defaultBasePath
    • Optional logger: Logger
    • Optional httpTimeout: number

    Returns MiroApi


  • Retrieves all boards that match the search criteria provided in the request. If you are an Enterprise customer and a Company Admin, you can retrieve all boards, including all private boards (boards that haven't been specifically shared with you) by enabling Content Admin permissions. To enable Content Admin permissions, see https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012777280-Content-Admin-permissions-for-Company-Admins. Note that you only get results instantaneously when you filter by team_id. If you use any other filter, you need to give a few seconds for the indexing of newly created boards before retrieving boards.

    Required scope


    Rate limiting

    Level 1

    Returns an iterator which will automatically paginate and fetch all available boards


    Get boards


    • Optional query: Omit<undefined | {
          limit?: string;
          offset?: string;
          owner?: string;
          query?: string;
          sort?: "default" | "last_modified" | "last_opened" | "last_created" | "alphabetically";
          teamId?: string;
      }, "offset">

    Returns AsyncGenerator<Board, void, unknown>

  • Retrieves organization information.

    Required scope


    Rate limiting

    Level 3

    Enterprise only

    This API is available only for <a target=_blank href="/reference/api-reference#enterprise-plan">Enterprise plan users.


    Get organization info


    • orgId: string

      id of the organization

    Returns Promise<Organization>

  • Revoke the current access token. Revoking an access token means that the access token will no longer work. When an access token is revoked, the refresh token is also revoked and no longer valid. This does not uninstall the application for the user.

    Returns Promise<void>