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Get developing fast with sets of code samples, open source demo apps, and helpful guides.

Miro Web SDK

With our JavaScript library — build apps to help create and manage board content and deliver better board experiences within Miro’s board UI.


Connect a Miro board to a third-party product.

Miro Live Embed

Easily embed a live, collaborative Miro board into any web application, product, or website using an iframe. Share the board with other users.

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our developer community

Community Forum

Find answers and contribute to topics.


Explore code samples and open-source projects.


Join the conversation with other developers.


Share your feature requests and track upcoming releases.

Say hello world in 3 easy steps

Never built a Miro app before? No problem, we got you covered. Build a simple app that places a hello world sticky note on the board in no time.

Bootstrap your app
in Miro

Create a developer
team in Miro.

Create & configure
your app in Miro.

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They say it

Visual Strategist at
Refrective Solutions

"No other platform has a comparable offering. We’ve sourced development clientele with Fortune 100 companies, found brilliant partners, and licensed numerous apps"

Full stack Engineer
Co-founder at Blossom

“Imagine building an iPhone app during the launch of the App Store. That’s the opportunity you have today with Miro.’

<collaboration/> is built on the Miro Developer Platform

Your ideas can help us build a better work world, one where co-creation is the standard.

Bring your ideas to the world and transform collaboration

  • 99% of the Fortune 100 are Miro customers
  • Trusted by 50M+ users
  • Everyone, when you list and feature your app on the Miro Marketplace
  • No one, if that’s your wish! You can keep your app private and share it with select folks

Our developer community is helpful, fun & cool

  • Discuss ideas with peers and search for answers in our Community Forum
  • Get support on your journey from our friendly team of developer advocates
  • Get expert help from other developers in our Discord community

Best-in-class documentation and developer experience

  • Start off with interactive reference docs and a suite of tutorials
  • Sets of code samples, open source demo apps, and helpful guides available for your apps development
  • Experiment in your Miro sandbox environment
  • Stay sharp with training, webinars, and workshops